High Impact Marketing for Startups and Small Businesses
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Instructor: AASPARK

Duration: 1.5 Hour(s)
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This FREE online course on High Impact Marketing is taken from the Ann Arbor SPARK Entrepreneurial Boot Camp Program.

Key Concepts:
Marketing, Business Startup

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Business Skills >> Marketing
Business Skills >> Business Startup
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Could use the theme to improve the Course Presentation , Monday, September 26, 2016
By antoniocbittencourt - See all my reviews

Visual Material could be more attractive
Speech tone of voice don't attract the viewer

High Impact Marketing for Startups and Small Businesses , Tuesday, January 13, 2015
By Nikta - See all my reviews

It was perfect

The right marketing , Wednesday, June 05, 2013
By tagg1978 - See all my reviews

I would have wanted to know the product, and one thing that would stand out is the promotion on the product, the price on the product, the place at which i can find the product. The important thing one should always consider before purchasing is the above mentioned. As a customer you are always looking out for the products you can get cheaper, and based on how much the product has been promoted, you may just buy it. That is why it is important to promote, and pricing also will determine if the product will move. This is where strategies fall into place in marketing.