Perfecting Your Positioning
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This FREE lesson on Perfecting Your Positioning is taken from the Ann Arbor SPARK Entrepreneurial Boot Camp Program. Some of the topics covered are Market Definition, the Value Proposition, Market Positioning and Competitive Positioning.

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Most Recent Reviews

Long Winded , Friday, September 02, 2011
By luke15 - See all my reviews

The first thing the teacher of this course speaks on is the Elevator Pitch getting in the introduces,opportunity, and the goal of why your product (s) are number one , better then the other guy. The goal for the Listner to TEll Me More. Well tell me no more.
Maybe it was my computer system or me but he did not get his point across to me. Now some helpful hints with a game plan so at least it is a start not a total lost.

Sept 2, 2011 a new outlook of this program, It touch on and reinforced customer skills making the customer happy so they will come back and also tell a friend about the great services . If we offer jut a small difference in our customer service that puts us one step ahead of the rest. Still long winded, but helpful


Good , Wednesday, March 17, 2010
By seb2364 - See all my reviews

This course, though informative, could have been a bit more subject specific and detailed. I found the content good but I would have like more strategic detailing which I could apply in practice.

The audio sound quality of the conference delegates input and questions is very bad (one cant hear 99% of what they are saying).

Nice for Marketier , Wednesday, November 25, 2009
By sumair - See all my reviews

This Course is really nice for the marketier, who really want to strenghten their bran image.