About Us

Knowledge has always been one of the primary keys to success. LatitudeU is the first, completely open on-line e-Learning community where any person or organization can share, sell, or acquire learning and the knowledge. That makes LatitudeU the marketplace of training and learning where you can share your knowledge by posting on-line presentations, seminars, workshops and interactive tutorials in the form of e-learning.

LatitudeU was created by Latitude Consulting Group, which has been delivering learning, web portal, and other technology solutions to large enterprises for nearly a decade. Latitude clients have included General Motors, Chrysler, Administaff, Microsoft, PepsiCo and other Fortune 1000 companies. Recognizing the power of YouTube and similar communities to entertain, Latitude launched LatitudeU to provide an informal and collaborative online community for learning.

For more information about the company behind LatitudeU, browse to www.latitudecg.com.