Hiring The Best Person for Every Job
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As the financial health of our organization and the careful screening of potential employees who can and will give their best effort becomes increasingly important, it is imperative that you have prepared your staff to perform the highest quality interviewing of people possible. Participants will learn to implement consistent face-to-face interviews that allow the organization to make the right selection more accurately. The workshop features a special step-by-step process where participants will walk through and learn the entire process of planning, recruiting, interviewing and hiring the right person for the right job. All participants are monitored, guided and videotaped through practice development exercises. By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to • Design a strategy for more targeted approach to the interview. • Make a decision about a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses quickly. • Develop effective question generation techniques based on specific job objectives • Utilize a variety of questioning techniques for maximum data collection • Use active listening techniques • Understand and “read” the hidden meanings in body language • Utilizing McClelland’s theory of Personality Fit and Competency-Based Behavioral Event Interviewing Theory.

Key Concepts:
Interviewing, Competency Based Interviews, job, hiring

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Business Skills >> Human Resources >> Effective Hiring and Interviewing

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