Keep Them Calling...Providing Superior Customer Service on the Telephone
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This free online course addresses: Polishing phone performance, Creating positive phone relationships, The basics of phone performance, Communicating with style, Effective voice messaging, Handling angry callers effectively, Abusive callers and other challenges, Action plan: Setting goals

All Global Mindset online courses are self-paced free training courses that are divided into short lessons with slide examples to illustrate issues clearly and in real-world settings. These training course provide plenty of practice situations, drag-and-drop interactive choices, and feedback allow you to engage the concepts and remain fairly active throughout.

Key Concepts:
Call Center, Customer Service, Free Training, Free Courses

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Keep Them Calling...Providing Superior Customer Service on the Telephone
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Most Recent Reviews

Informative , Friday, May 05, 2017
By jpetheram - See all my reviews

Very organized and detailed information on how to better serve our clients. I liked the conflict resolution for angry clients.

Informative , Tuesday, December 22, 2015
By msantiago - See all my reviews

Very informative.

Loved Keep Them Calling Course , Monday, November 09, 2015
By mskinnear - See all my reviews

Excellent course! Really hit those major areas and points that customer service representatives encounter daily. Working in a call center can be very demanding. I learned a lot of useful tips which I can utilize in my job now. In my job, I get a lot of varied call types and I sometimes struggled with how to satisfy the customer's needs and adhere to the policies of my department. This course has truly helped me to successfully meet both goals. I loved the interactive learning tools, the sample calls & responses, as well as the summarizations at the end of each lesson. The SMART goals worksheet is very helpful as well. Can't wait to take more classes on this site. Great course...great site!