PILOT TRAINING -- Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook (ebook)
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Instructor: PracticalPilot

Duration: 4 Hour(s)
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The Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook has been prepared in recognition of the importance of weight and balance technology in conducting safe and efficient flight. The objective of this handbook is twofold: to provide the Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic (A&P) with the method of determining the empty weight and empty-weight center of gravity (EWCG) of an aircraft, and to furnish the flightcrew with information on loading and operating the aircraft to ensure its weight is within the allowable limit and the center of gravity (CG) is within the allowable range. 97 pages, PDF format, download now. Buy with confidence with PayPal. Reprint of FAA-H-8083-1A.

Key Concepts:
aviation, education

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