The New Peak Performance
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Overview: HeartMath, an innovative research and training center near Silicon Valley, has developed a set of tools and technology to help people at any level of their organizations prepare for the next step in success, performance, and well-being. Based on work tested and refined through the Stanford Business School, this program will introduce you to key principles and scientific research to help you increase your inner strength, balance, resilience, and overall performance. Experts agree that there are several critical skills that help anyone to be "ready" in the face of rapid change and uncertainty. This presentation will explore the Coherent Performance model and its relevance to demands in the workplace and family life, its scientific basis, as well as case studies which will help listeners consider how to apply its principles. An intriguing dimension will be the role the heart plays in emotional processing, and therefore the development of readiness skills. HeartMath introduced the concept of physiological coherence to describe the degree of order, harmony and stability in the various rhythmic activities within the human system . What athletes call "the zone", psychologists call "flow", is actually a specific physiological state which is common and can be developed by anyone. It is known as coherence. Researchers have found that positive emotions such as inspiration, appreciation and compassion, as opposed to negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, and fear, are reflected in a heart rhythm pattern that is more coherent. These same emotions underlie Peak Performance on physiological, emotional, and mental levels. This concept will be explored in depth, along with practical examples for its application and development. Why should you Attend: High performance athletes and artists develop elaborate plans and routines to ensure that their performance, when much is on the line, will be at its peak. Most successful business people understand that business success both for the individual performer as well as the organization seeking to retain and delight customers is increasingly dependent on being "ready for anything" in terms of flexibility, adaptability, and agility. Failing to develop these new skills for Peak Performance can leave our organizations flat or failing, and our personal careers stagnating. Worse yet, the mounting pressures we feel, without new skills for achieving peak performance, will diminish our health, energy, resilience and capacity to excel. You will learn compelling new evidence from the worlds of neuroscience, bio-hacking, and leadership innovation for what creates the foundation for sustainable Peak Performance. You will learn practical powerful techniques to develop and sustain peak performance in all aspects of your life. You will learn how to avoid common traps most businesspeople (especially leaders) fall into. You will leave inspired and eager to learn more. Areas Covered in the Session: Peak Performance model Scientific basis for Coherence in neuroscience, neuroplasticity, and heart physiology The relationship between Peak Performance and Coherence Social and professional applications Case studies from business and military Next steps Who Will Benefit: Anyone in an organization today Executive team members and Board HR Directors, VPs, and SVPs OD directors and consultants Leadership consultants Management consultants Entrepreneur Instructor: Bruce Cryer is Global Director, HeartMath HealthCare, founding director of HeartMathUK and HeartMath South Africa, and co-founder of What Makes Your Heart Sing. For eleven years he served as CEO at HeartMath (USA), an innovative research-based firm offering scientifically-validated products and award-winning technology to boost performance, productivity and health while reducing stress.

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