Webinar On 'Millennial Friendly Work Environment'
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Overview: This webinar will cover the five easy steps that you need to follow in order to create a Millennial friendly work environment. Find out how to build an employment brand and recruiting process that will outsell your competition and boost the quality of Gen Y applicants you receive. Discover how to revamp your strategy to include development methods most valued by Gen Y talent. See examples of the latest trends in career development tools, ideas, and technology that are working to keep this group of early career employees motivated and focused on contributing discretionary effort to your company’s bottom line. Why should you Attend: Are you planning on Millennial workers for your company’s growth? In only four years, Millennials will represent half of the U.S. workforce. This webinar will outline five easy steps for you to successfully attract and retain Millennial talent. How do we know? We conducted a 14-month research study that told us how Millennials think about making job changes. In this webinar we share those results with you. Some of our most closely held truths, such as “employees leave managers, not companies” are not necessarily holding water for Millennials. Areas Covered in the Session: The most important job factors for attracting and retaining early career talent Employment branding strategy and messaging for Millennials Career support strategies that work for Gen Y employees Use of integrated talent management technology for Gen Y self-service career development Use of gamification platforms for career development Use of mobile toolkits for career development applications How to teach Gen Ys to navigate their careers End-to-end career development ecosystems What to do about career development if there are no advancement opportunities The trendsetters—Case studies from tech companies in California; what they are doing to attract and retain early career employees Who Will Benefit: HR Professionals Senior Managers Instructor: Dr. B. Lynn Ware CEO and President, Integral Talent Systems, Inc. Dr. B. Lynn Ware is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and thought leader who has practiced for over thirty years in the talent management field. She has designed, developed and implemented career development systems in partnership with several Best Place to Work organizations such as Google and Scripps Medical Center. Dr. Ware's mission is on how to leverage the company's investment in talent to generate stronger financial outcomes. Dr. Ware has experience designing, implementing and measuring a wide variety of integrated talent management solutions in the consumer products, energy, financial services, health care, technology, manufacturing and retail industries. She is frequently quoted on trends in talent management in numerous publications such as the Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle, Harvard Business Review, and Computer World magazine, and has been featured several times on CNN as a global talent management expert. http://bit.ly/2al11RU

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