Teach the World - LatitudeU Publisher Program
LatitudeU Publisher Program - Revised effective January 1, 2009

Every LatitudeU member can be a student, an publisher or both. LatitudeU is the world's first open learning community where anyone or any organization can teach or take a professionally oriented on-line course. We provide a MARKETPLACE to share your business and technical knowledge with our Global Member communities on a free or for pay basis. The Publisher Program Notes below describe how "you", as an publisher, can participate in our unique, on-line marketplace for training and learning.

As a Member of LatitudeU you can submit any professionally oriented (business, technical, job or work skills, certification prep., organizational or related subject matter) course(s). Such courses can be easily submitted to share (free) or sell (fee) to our Members via our Training Marketplace environment, LatitudeU ( www.LatitudeU.com ). Submitting a course is easy (see Teach a New Course tab) and special submission arrangements can be made if you wish to provide many courses at one time. Please contact support@LatitudeU.com for multiple courses loading arrangements.

There are no fees for submitting, setting up and loading your course(s) onto LatitudeU whether they are being made available as individual courses or in bulk, and regardless of whether they are provided for free to or paid for by our Members. The management of LatitudeU reserves the exclusive right to determine if your course(s) or other content are appropriate and applicable to our Members and whether to accept your course(s) for posting on LatitudeU.

If you wish to make your course available for free, you will set the tuition for your course to $0.00 when you submit the course for loading. When your courses are provided free of charge to LatitudeUs members, LatitudeU will not charge you ANY fees whatsoever. This free service includes both course loading and Member access to your free course for as long as your course remains free to our Members. As a contributor of free, shared content you will never be charged ANY fees and will not need to file any tax information with LatitudeU.

If you wish to charge tuition fees for a course, you will determine and set the price (minimum paid course price is $10.00 US, unless Free) of the course(s) along with establishing length of course availability (number of days) for each Members course registration. If you want you may also provide any additional license or terms of service unique to your course offerings (optional). Prices can be changed by you whenever you wish to make such changes. However, all prior purchases are grandfathered for the remaining term of use at the original paid price to Members who have made such prior purchases.

For Paid Courses, LatitudeU will charge a composite percentage (33%) hosting and e-commerce fee ONLY when your course(s) is sold to a member. This means LatitudeU receives fees ONLY when you actually sell your course(s).All such fees for Paid Courses are tied directly to the actual course registrations and your designated price at the time of sale.

Members can pay for purchased courses using a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or PayPal account. When Members wish to register for any paid course, they will be prompted to pay for the course when they click on the Start button associated with that course. LatitudeU will securely collect the tuition from the member via PayPal's Standard Service or their Secure Credit Card processing services. Once this financial transaction is complete, the course will be launched and available for the member. The Member may repeatedly access this course for their original tuition payment, exclusively with the same member ID, for the courses specified number of days (term) or as long as your course is available on LatitudeU (whichever is less).While rare, any course refunds required for any legitimate reason will be deducted from proceeds to Course Providers.

For all completed financial transactions, LatitudeU will record and credit your Member account with the tuition paid by the student less LatitudeUs commission. LatitudeUs only fees are 33% of the courses tuition paid. Course providers thus receive 67% of tuition fees paid. These commissions include ALL charges including credit card and PayPal processing fees, hosting costs, administrative costs and any other LatitudeU course or other support costs.

For example, if you charged $20.00 tuition for a course, when a member clicks on the Start button, LatitudeU would collect the $20.00 from the student member. LatitudeU would subtract its fee of $6.60 from the $20.00 tuition paid and credit your account with $13.40 in publisher earnings. The following table provides additional examples:

Sample LatitudeU Publisher Earnings Table

$0.00 $0.00 $0.00
$5.00 $1.65 $3.35
$10.00 $3.30 $6.70
$20.00 $6.60 $13.40
$30.00 $9.90 $20.10
$40.00 $13.20 $26.80
$50.00 $16.50 $33.50

There are NO OTHER COSTS beyond the 33% fees charged on Sales of Courses.

Please note that all LatitudeU course tuitions and all financial transactions with student and publisher members are always recorded, tracked, reported and paid to Course Providers in U.S. dollars.

You can submit (load) a fee-based (Paid) course at any time, and begin accumulating publisher earnings as soon as the course is made available to members.Courses generally take 2-3 days to load at LatitudeU (sometimes more depending on Course traffic). Course providers have real time access to all student registration and fees paid information (Providers cash register). This information is available using the TEACH button and you can review any specific course activity time frame by specifying date range in the calendar. Student and Course Provider Members are also provided communication access to one another directly through LatitudeU.

NOTE: All prior fee arrangements posted on this site will be void effective January 1, 2009. Any prior Course Provider who does not wish to proceed with the new fee structure may opt out by simply deactivating their course(s) by going to their Course(s) profile and clicking on the deactivate button and saving that result. Their courses will immediately cease being available on LatitudeU with that action.

LatitudeU, LLC is required by U.S. Law to collect tax-related information from ALL LatitudeU Course Providers (publishers) that charge tuition for their courses, including publishers who are based outside of the United States. We are unable to and will not send payments to you until all of your tax information has been received by LatitudeU.

Your publisher earnings will accumulate throughout each month. At the end of the month if your total unpaid earnings reach $100 U.S., LatitudeU will send you a payment by the end of the next month. For example, if your total unpaid earnings reached $100 during January (and you have submitted your tax information to LatitudeU by February 15th), we will send you a payment at the end of February.

If your total unpaid earnings (for all courses provided) haven't yet reached $100, the unpaid earnings will roll over to the next month and continue to accrue until your earnings meet the $100 threshold. They will then be distributed to you at the end of the following month.

Before ANY payment can be received you need to:

  1. Set up a PayPal account that is tied to the email address in your LatitudeU Member Profile. Click here to set up a PayPal account.
  2. Submit your tax information to LatitudeU. Click here for instructions on submitting tax information.

Payments to you are made via PayPal. You will receive a payment notification email from PayPal indicating that LatitudeU has sent you money. You can claim your payment by clicking a link in the email. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can sign up for a free Personal PayPal account by clicking here. It's absolutely essential to confirm the accuracy of the email address in your LatitudeU profile to ensure prompt and accurate payment.

In addition to confirming your email address, you'll need to submit all necessary tax information before LatitudeU will release any payments to you. We will continue to accrue to you all earnings from the proceeds of your content and will release funds the month following completion of your PayPal set up and receipt of all required tax documentation (provided that you have met the $100 earnings threshold). Click here for instructions on submitting tax information to LatitudeU.