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Share your knowledge with the entire world. Your course will be loaded and hosted for FREE. Courses can be submitted in Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, Flash, SCORM 1.2, or SCORM 2004 formats. Courses submitted in the PowerPoint format will be converted to SCORM formatted courses. Please submit the course as either a PowerPoint presentation file, Adobe PDF, Flash or a zip file containing the SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 course files.

How can you create an e-learning course?
The easiest way to create an e-learning course is by creating a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of the course. The PowerPoint presentation can be a simple slide show or a sophisticated multi-media presentation with video, animation and narration. For an easy to create, yet effective course, create a basic PowerPoint presentation of the course material and narrate the presentation using the Record Narration function under the Slide Show menu in PowerPoint.

After submitting a Course Load Request Form, LatitudeU will contact you via email to provide you with the courses Course Code and notify you the course is loaded. Course Codes are unique to each course and can be used in Search Courses to quickly find a course in the Course Catalog. Thank you for your interest in helping grow the training catalog. By sharing our knowledge, we can make the world a better place.

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