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What is a LatitudeU Training Store?

A LatitudeU Training Store that gives you the power to make money selling training by creating a professional online training store without the need for programming skills, a website, courses or a merchant account.

With a Training Store you can:

  • Create a customized store to sell online training
  • Sell your courses or those from our catalog of over 3,000 course from leading publishers
  • Earn commissions of 5% to 7.5% on courses your students buy
  • Earn additional commissions of 67% on courses you load to
  • Make money from other advertising and retail affiliate programs like Google AdSense and Amazon
  • Sell courses without setting up a Merchant Account, since checkouts are completed on via PayPal merchant services
  • Track and report on your students and their purchases


How Does it Work?

The program is simple. 

  1. Set up and customize your LatitudeU Training Store

  2. Promote your store

  3. Whenever students sign up for LatitudeU through your store they are permanently associated with you and only you

  4. Whenever your students purchase courses, regardless of when or where in the purchases are made, you earn commissions

  5. Receive your monthly commission check


How Much Does it Cost?

Creating your own LatitudeU Training Store is free!  There are no costs to you.


How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy.

  1. Click here to sign up for your free LatitudeU account
  2. Click here to download the LatitudeU Affiliate Agreements
  3. Fax the signed LatitudeU Affiliate Agreements, Credit Card Authorization form, and W-9 to (734) 527-6145
  4. We will set up your Latitude Training Store will be set up within 2 business days and email you your credentials to customize your store.
  5. Click here to download the LatitudeU Training Store Customization Guide